Meaning behind “becoming a doer”


When I created becoming a doer years ago, it was to help me document and keep up with my weight loss journey.  I have always loved the name.  It is catchy, but I always applied it to my weight loss.  I have come to realize that everything is worth “doing” and if you aren’t currently doing it, you need to become a doer!  My concept behind it is about like “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey.  Without only being able to agree.


I have applied becoming a doer to everything that I do.  I try to be as proactive and positive as possible.  Whether it is losing weight, trying new food, going on a new journey, or just living life.  Doing is easier said than done.


When I look into my next new adventure, I do what most people do, turn to the internet.  I watch videos, read blogs, reviews, and anything else that I can get my hands on.  I want to know what to expect before getting in too deep.  Outcomes are inevitable, it is best to try to predict the outcome before so you aren’t caught by surprise.


Being a doer has taken me on a journey, from losing over 100 pounds, jumping out of a plane, having a kid, and now relocating across the country from Louisiana to Washington State!


Follow along and learn from my mistakes!