Moving across the US

My family and I relocated. Far away.  We are in our first week in our new town.  We moved from Louisiana to North West Washington, over 2300 miles from “home.”  Those 2300 miles took us on a journey through the following states: Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and finally Washington.  The scenery was great, everything was beautiful.  The crew was, me, my wife, our 5 month old daughter, our nearly 2 year old chocolate lab, and my father.  Me and Paisley, our lab, were in a 26 foot U-Haul.  The rest of the crew drove my truck.

Making a trip across the US is stressful, adding a baby and fur baby into the mix was sure to be a challenge.  We did a lot of planning and really made it a great trip.  There are a few things that we did that I think really made everything go smoothly.  A week before, I drove my wife’s car and used a GPS that I purchased from Amazon to get me there.  Although her car has GPS, mine does not, so I wanted to make sure that we took the same path when the whole crew came as when I came alone.  Next, we purchased a holder for our iPad so our daughter could watch her cartoon on it as we traveled.  Lastly, we piled all of our pillows in the front seat of the U-Haul to make a “throne” for Paisley!

On my first trip, I made to in three days of driving.  I stopped in Colorado Springs, Colorado then in Ontario, Oregon.  This involved 2 days of driving non-stop and the last day driving about eight hours to wrap it up.  I knew that this would be too much for us.  On my last stop in Ontario, OR. I stayed at a Motel 6.  I noticed when checking in that they had designated pet areas.  This really caught my attention because I would be travelling with Paisley a week later.  The representative explained to me that all Motel 6 are pet friendly.  I immediately went to my room and planned out the trip for all of us the next week.  Averaging 8-9 hour days and stopping in cities with a Motel 6!  I loved the service and accommodations that Motel 6 provided along the way.  There were no fancy frills or breakfasts in the mornings, but, there was always a pet waste disposal with bags for collecting and affordable prices!

Keep an eye out for tips and reviews for travelling long distance or relocating coming up on my blog!

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