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Dad – There is a lot that comes with that title.  I was blessed to find out a few days before I turned 27 to find out that my wife and I were expecting a child.  Since it was early in the pregnancy, we weren’t telling anyone out of caution.  Since we weren’t telling anyone, that means I couldn’t bail out on the sky diving trip that I had planned that weekend.  Not only was I filled with emotion about becoming a dad, I was trying to keep my composure since I was going to jump out of an air plane!  Fortunately, I was able to land safely and continue on the journey of getting ready to become a dad!


I’ve wanted a kid since I was a freshman in college.  I just knew that I would get married, have a kid, wait a few years, and have another.  (Because that is how life works, right?)  I learned through time that it is easier said than done.  But now it is happening.  What do I do?  How do I prepare?  All of these questions that I had just kept spinning around in my head, I couldn’t grasp it.  I like to be super prepared and have a very regimented schedule.


What do I do?  I stated researching everything, I read more expecting mom websites, and forums than I care to mention.  I wanted to know what was happening every week.  I wanted to make sure that I was ready for what emotions my wife may have in the week ahead.  How is my baby developing in there? Does my baby have fingernails yet?  Believe me, my research definitely paid off!  Of course, I can’t post everything I learned in one post.  I am still constantly learning.


How do I prepare?  Like I said, I like to be ready.  I am not big on surprises; I want to know the answers.  No cliff hangers here!  Where is the operation manual?  Surely it will lay out exactly what I need for this.  The truth is, every website, blog, magazine, etc. will have a different solution.  I read everything that I could and took what would work best for me and my wife.  I do not think that there is a clear cut solution for any two expectant families.  The main thing is find what works best for you.  I hate to be the one to break it to you, but whatever you think it is, it will likely change after your bundle of joy arrives and decides that they do not like the bassinet that you bought them.


I am still very fresh into the dad world.  I have just a little over a month since getting the best title in the world.  The learning curve is sharp, and at this point I go to bed at night and wonder how did we get through that today?  I also know that every day gets better.  Babies cry, things happen.


One of the nurses that was helping us when we left the hospital told us “I don’t mind when babies cry, that means that are living!”  That has really comforted me when I can’t figure out any way to comfort my baby.

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